There are bunch of affiliate offers from lot of affiliate networks out there. But not all affiliate offers have been rated equally. As an ethical and responsible affiliate marketer, you have to be in a position to source out affiliate offers that will be useful and beneficial to your website visitors.

In this post, we'll cover some tips to seek out when evaluating affiliate offers that will not only satisfy your audience but produce a win-win scenario for you and the visitors.


Finding good affiliate offers that serve both your potential customers plus your business can be challenging because there are a lot of offers and products to select from within any program.

However, there are a couple of tips you can observe to make sure you are making the best choice.

Affiliate marketing is founded upon what you can term as trust between you and your would-be customers/ visitors. If you pick an affiliate product that may be exclusively profitable for you personally, at the expense of your customers or audience, then the trust you worked over-time to build up (if any) will likely be quickly destroyed.

Juxtaposing your personal target with that of your audience makes all the strategy of sourcing high-quality affiliate offers more important.


#1. While there are various affiliate networks out there, to avoid running into problems it would be safer to stay with the greater, well-established and best affiliate networks.

 You should figure out what your audience are interested in. This you can know through their comments on your blog and various interaction you have with them via emails and your social forums and only offer them things you are sure they really like.

#2. Get offers from best sellers because that shows that their products are worth buying because you wouldn’t want your customers to buy products that are not beneficial for them as that will hurt their relationship and trust with you. In commission junction for example you know the best sellers by the average weekly and monthly earnings per click (EPC).

cj earnings

While on Clickbank you get to know the best sellers by filtering the search by popularity or gravity, and the bestsellers are as listed from top to bottom in order of popularity or gravity.

click bank market place

click bank gravity

You must be sure that the property owner carries a good reputation ' not simply among customers and prospects, but also among its business counterpart too. To find out, just go to Google and operate a look for the owner's name, website, and product name along with its peers providing similar offer.

#3. Depending on how you intend to advertise the offer/product, you will possibly not like to pick the MOST popular product. That's because you will have a large amount of competitors that have a great deal of marketing techniques and sometimes it could be difficult to outsmart them.

#4. You must assess the product to be certain it's good, solid merchandise that comes with the best value to customers.

#5. Put yourself in the position of your audience: is the offer of good value to you? If no, then you certainly really should not be promoting it whatsoever.

#6. The profit potential of an offer should also form part of your priority in picking an offer. However, much of your concern should be whether or not the product will solve your audience problems after that you then can consider the price and commission rates to determine which of the top products will squeeze out most profit into your pocket.

 #7. Your last step is usually to look into the sales page or website of the seller itself to be sure that you won’t have commission leakage.

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