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WordPress has a very cool hidden function that permits you to schedule your blog post. It is a very helpful function that many newbies don’t really know about. In this post, we will present you with the way to schedule your posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

There’s a surely a time range in a day when a website get the best traffic. Now when you stay in a longer or shoeter time zone than your readers, then posting at an appropriate time may be an issue particularly when your audience get email notification of new post. Think about having your peak time as 2 a.m. Scheduling posts could be very useful in this situation.

Another scenario is if you’re going for a trip, however you don’t wish to abandon your website. How do you solve this issues?

Easy, You schedule your posts in WordPress. This function lets you stay ahead of your time by preparing your posts upfront and have them scheduled. You possibly can prepare for a busy week ahead of time and schedule post to be published at your set time.

How Do You Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress?

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