For several blogs and websites, social media is as much more vital compared to search engine optimized traffic as well as direct/organic website traffic. However, you'll discover that lots of bloggers and writers complain of not getting much traffic from social media despite the perception out there that there is lot of traffic that could be tapped from the various social media platforms.

Actually, and in reality, the quantity of website traffic you are able to generate from social networks to your post or website as well as the volume of interaction that flows from it depends mainly on just how you structure your social networks blog posts and also the share and like value of your post.

To assist you recognize and understand this much more better, right here I will explain the issues you should consider while preparing your next post in order to drive quality website traffic as well as conversions from social media networks.



Most social media, are basically image based content, and it's not a surprise that image based contents draws in even more interaction as compared with simple text content based blog posts. It's crucial that your blog post routinely consist of photos, self hosted video clips, YouTube videos and other various kinds of visual materials including icons and SVGs in almost all of your social media posts in order to generate more traffic.

All of us understand that each social media network manages photos and also content in different ways.The way Google Plus handles images and texts is different from the way Facebook handles images and texts and the image requirement as regard dimension and sizes for Facebook post is different from that of Google Plus. However just how much you put all these into consideration while preparing your post affects how much benefit you will make out of the various social media platforms. So you have to take advantage of these to leverage the best out of all the social media platforms.

See below how the four major social networks(Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and Google plus) render your images.

Facebook image post
Google+ image post


Often your audience will want to know more about you and by so doing they visit your about page or profile page , so it is important that you place a link to your website on your about or profile page to generate more traffic.

Twitter profile page
Googleplus about page

Facebook about page


You should have seen bloggers utilize various hash-tags with their blog posts on social media. Hash-tags does not only increases the grasp of your article or blog post far beyond your immediate fans on Facebook,twitter and Google plus but also assist you in getting your post before new target and audience. At the same time, hash-tags allow you in initiating new issues for social media conversations, thereby increasing your post visibility and consequently leading to more traffic and conversions.

Making use of few hash-tags in each of your blog post could substantially enhance the performance of your social media dominance as well as aid you drive a lot more web traffic as well as conversions.


Enable Twitter Cards

As a Blogger who has a twitter handle, one thing you must make sure is functional on your Twitter handle is the Twitter Card.Twitter card enables you you attach quality images,videos and other media to your tweets.Twitter cards present added information concerning your tweet.And it likewise increases audience engagement.

Watch the video below to see how to set up a Twitter Card or read my post on How To Set Up A Twitter Card.

Use Facebook Open Graph

Put the Open Graph meta-tags to your blog site to make sure that your featured image is consistently presented.

Watch the video below to see how to set up a Facebook open graph or read my post on How To Set Up Facebook Open Grapgh In Yoast SEO Plugin


You're going to have traffic problems when your website is lacking in stable and frequent post updates.

Powerful content marketing is a major in driving tons of traffic to your website and as such you must put a lot of effort in writing quality content for your audience.

Your social media dominance as well as the level of your conversion have a whole lot to do with the quality of your blog posts. Many of your optimization methods will certainly be inadequate if your content are not qualitative enough.

The fresh and brand-new post update you upload to your website is vital, not just for social media advertising, but likewise for search engine optimization.


I highly recommend that you utilize social share buttons and widget on your site and posts because it has shown to be a good means of getting social share and consequently traffic. I recommend you get your social buttons and widget from SocialDeux, Easy Social Share Buttons, or Addthis.

social share 3

Also important is the Quote Share Box particularly for twitter. It is a great way to entice your audience to tweet your post to their twitter handle. See an example below!

"Your social media dominance has a whole lot to do with the quality of your blog posts."

Click to Tweet


The foregoing constitute the basics for leveraging the social media for good and decent traffic.


  • Create a Facebook Page- Visit my Facebook Page to see how one looks like.
  • Create a Twitter Business Account.
  • Get a Google plus Page.
  • Sign up for a Pinterest Account.
  • Create beautiful profile and header banner photo for your Facebook page, twitter and Google plus page.
  • Use a social media enabled commenting tool like Disqus.
  • Share and discuss your post on the various social media. The following tools will be of assistance: SocialDeux, Easy Social Share Buttons, and Addthis.
  • Write qualitative and unique content.
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