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Implementing a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

B2B Email Marketing is still considered a very effective marketing approach when creating a buzz about your company, product, or services.  When planning any B2B email marketing campaign, several considerations need to be addressed.

Any successful campaign needs to have a well thought plan of action.  What are the goals of your campaign?

What businesses are you targeting?
Who is your audience?
Do you know your competitors, what they are they doing, and why they are successful?

Direct email targeting is effective.  When specializing in a type of industry or product, you will need to look at the types of businesses, their size, and their location.  Think of a business as a prospect with its own unique characteristics and demographics.  You cannot send out the right messages and offers to those people who will not benefit from its purchase.  Taking the time to research your perfect audience will bring a guaranteed return on your investment. Continue reading

Best Way To Dominate Amazon And YouTube – Zen Titan Review

Review of : Zen Titan

Functionnality : 4 Affiliate Sofwares





Super Easy And Effective Softwares

Must Have Softwares For Affiliates

Just $7

Great Value


  • Easily Profit With 4 Video Software Tools, Plus...
  • It's 100% Automated (Videos + Website Creation Tools).
  • It's A NEW Free Traffic Loophole (NO-ONE Knows About This).
  • The Package Includes 4 Software Tools, Training & More.


  • None Really, But You Need To Take Action.

Just $7

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Great Email Marketing Solution – Campaigner Review

Review of : Campaigner

Functionnality : Email Marketing Solution

Customer Service

Perfect ++ Support

Pricing Template

As Low as $19.95

List Segmentation

Clean, Neat and Stress - Free

Email Spam Score

No Spam Checker

Auto Responder

Very Effective

We Like

  • 800+ of Attractive Responsive Templates
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Many Advance Features For The Lowest Plan
  • Excellent Resource Center With Video Tutorials And Materials
  • Automated Opt in/Opt Out
  • API Integration Into Existing Data Systems
  • Set Up Trigger Campaigns Based On Specific Dates, Times, Events, Form Submissions, API Calls And More
  • SMTP Relay Ensures Your Transactional Emails (Invoices, Order Confirmations, etc.) Get Delivered To Customers’ Inboxes

We Don't Like

  • No Spam Checker
  • Free Trial Requires Credit Card
  • Some Advanced Features Can Get Costly

Synopsis: Campaigner is an excellent solution that helps entrepreneurs manage their growing lists of email contacts. They have great customer service and tons of templates to take advantage of plus loads of extra features. Being as competitively priced as they are, they’re an excellent solution for just about any email marketer.

From $19.95

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The All-In-One Drag & Drop Content Builder – Thrive Content Builder Review

Review of : Thrive Content Builder

Functionality : WordPress Visual Editor


Easy To Use



Complete Alternative To WordPress Editor

The Most Stress-Free Editor

Just $67 - One Time Fee

Great Support

We Like

  • Best Content Builder
  • Compatible With all WordPress Themes
  • Comes With Landing Page Templates
  • Live Preview Without Reloading Page
  • No Lagging - Editing is Swift

We Don't Like

  • Icon Pack Could Be Slow Sometimes
  • Can't Edit Earlier Published Posts But I Will Show You How To Edit Older Post At The End of This Post. Trust Me 😀

Synopsis: First impression is important in all aspect of life but very very important when it comes to the beauty of a website. The first impression a visitor has on visiting your site will determine how he is gonna relate with your website. The more attractive your website is the more tendency for a visitor to stay on your site.

However, building a beautiful site can be a daunting task and that is why this wordpress plugin​ was created to ease your task by just dragging and dropping stuffs and you just see the beauty of your site life!

Thrive Content builder is the best Content Builder in the Blogging industry and it has No Rival. With this plugin, you are gonna get rid of so many junk plugins slowing down your website because the plugin​ does so many tasks that would ordinarily require tons of plugins.

The team behind this plugin has done​ a great job and what catches me most is  that, despite the qualities of this plugin it sells for less than a $70.

If you want your website to stand out from the crowd then Thrive Content Builder is the right choice.​

From $67

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WordPress has a very cool hidden function that permits you to schedule your blog post. It is a very helpful function that many newbies don’t really know about. In this post, we will present you with the way to schedule your posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

There’s a surely a time range in a day when a website get the best traffic. Now when you stay in a longer or shoeter time zone than your readers, then posting at an appropriate time may be an issue particularly when your audience get email notification of new post. Think about having your peak time as 2 a.m. Scheduling posts could be very useful in this situation.

Another scenario is if you’re going for a trip, however you don’t wish to abandon your website. How do you solve this issues?

Easy, You schedule your posts in WordPress. This function lets you stay ahead of your time by preparing your posts upfront and have them scheduled. You possibly can prepare for a busy week ahead of time and schedule post to be published at your set time.

How Do You Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress?

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Online discussion forums are vibrant internet sites that enable individuals to begin conversations by publishing brand-new thread or post, which various other participants of the discussion forum could respond to. Online forums are offered for various topics and as a member, you can initiate a discussion in any of the topics offered.

​I will not delve much into what online forums mean and entails due to the fact that online forums, while being straightforward in idea, they are intricate in attributes, and the main aim of this post is to highlight how best you can take advantage of these forums to drive traffic to your website and get more exposure. So you truly have to go and inspect some forums if you have actually never ever seen one before.

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For several blogs and websites, social media traffic is as much more vital compared to search engine optimized traffic as well as direct/organic website traffic. However, you'll discover that lots of bloggers and writers complain of not getting much traffic from social media despite the perception out there that there is lot of traffic that could be tapped from the various social media platforms.

Actually, and in reality, the quantity of website traffic you are able to generate from social networks to your post or website as well as the volume of interaction that flows from it depends mainly on just how you structure your social networks blog posts and also the share and like value of your post.

To assist you recognize and understand this much more better, right here I will explain the issues you should consider while preparing your next post in order to drive quality website traffic as well as conversions from social media networks.

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Web hosting is a platform that serves your site to any person that visits it. While it's feasible to hold your own web site from a computer system at your residence, it's normally much better to engage a web hosting company that stores your website on reliable web servers in their designated data facility for better management.

Below are the various types of web hosting services available​.

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