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Implementing a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

B2B Email Marketing is still considered a very effective marketing approach when creating a buzz about your company, product, or services.  When planning any B2B email marketing campaign, several considerations need to be addressed.

Any successful campaign needs to have a well thought plan of action.  What are the goals of your campaign?

What businesses are you targeting?
Who is your audience?
Do you know your competitors, what they are they doing, and why they are successful?

Direct email targeting is effective.  When specializing in a type of industry or product, you will need to look at the types of businesses, their size, and their location.  Think of a business as a prospect with its own unique characteristics and demographics.  You cannot send out the right messages and offers to those people who will not benefit from its purchase.  Taking the time to research your perfect audience will bring a guaranteed return on your investment. Continue reading

Simple Tips: Starting A Successful (E-mail Marketing Campaign)

How long has it been since you looked at your email? If you’re a typical person, you receive new email at least two times per day. If you run a business, you know that email is a quick and effective way to reach your target audience. The follow tips detail some of the best email promoting strategies developed to date.

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Great Email Marketing Solution – Campaigner Review

Review of : Campaigner

Functionnality : Email Marketing Solution

Customer Service

Perfect ++ Support

Pricing Template

As Low as $19.95

List Segmentation

Clean, Neat and Stress - Free

Email Spam Score

No Spam Checker

Auto Responder

Very Effective

We Like

  • 800+ of Attractive Responsive Templates
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Many Advance Features For The Lowest Plan
  • Excellent Resource Center With Video Tutorials And Materials
  • Automated Opt in/Opt Out
  • API Integration Into Existing Data Systems
  • Set Up Trigger Campaigns Based On Specific Dates, Times, Events, Form Submissions, API Calls And More
  • SMTP Relay Ensures Your Transactional Emails (Invoices, Order Confirmations, etc.) Get Delivered To Customers’ Inboxes

We Don't Like

  • No Spam Checker
  • Free Trial Requires Credit Card
  • Some Advanced Features Can Get Costly

Synopsis: Campaigner is an excellent solution that helps entrepreneurs manage their growing lists of email contacts. They have great customer service and tons of templates to take advantage of plus loads of extra features. Being as competitively priced as they are, they’re an excellent solution for just about any email marketer.

From $19.95

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