Website owners and bloggers have devised several means to monetize their websites which include but not limited to .

It is no longer strange that affiliate marketing has been a major source of revenue for most bloggers and website owners alike, of course the reason is not far fetch.

As a blogger or a website owner, putting into consideration the time, effort and resources put in place to make your website a going concern, you need sources of revenue to maintain the tempo and prevent your website from being moribund.

Since the industry is robust, there are thousands of affiliate networks out there for bloggers and website owners to join, some of which are very good and some so bad.

However, in this post I will list only thirteen (13) affiliate networks (with brief description/review) which I have personal experience with.

This post is not meant to declare the below list as the ONLY best affiliate networks out there, however, they are amongst the best if not the best.

The list rolls now...




Formerly Commission Junction, Affiliate by Conversant is one of the largest affiliate networks available, rather it is considered as the largest.

The good aspect of affiliate by conversant is that it is a Pay For Performance network that have listing in every categories you can think of; it is not niche restricted.

Getting approved as an affiliate on affiliate by conversant is easy however, some advertisers on the platform approve affiliates manually into their program and some of the advertisers could be strict in their approval process. BUT entertain no fear as there are thousands of advertisers on affiliate by conversant ready to accept any one into their program.

The downside of affiliate by conversant is that their tracking system is not real-time, rather it is delayed and as such I suspect leakages in their tracking system.

It is noteworthy also that no itches regarding their payment, all payment are promptly.



Clickbank is regarded as the hub for digital informational products with products cutting across various categories including health, self-help, politics and software.

The unique part of Clickbank is the revenue share as you could find products which offers affiliate 90% commission on each sale with average commission of most products ranging from $30 to $200 per sale.

Approval into Clickbank is automatic upon sign upon and they offer various method of payment including direct deposit, wire transfer, check and payoneer Master Card.



Maxbounty is a Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate platform paying affiliates for actions like email submissions, credit card information submissions and sales.

Majority of its listing are , email submit and ecommerce and some listings on this network pays up to $60 for just lead.

Approval on this network is not strict; however, you can only be approved after a phone interview with one of its representatives.



Linkshare is also one of the best affiliate networks around today. Owned and created by the owners of Rakuten.com, it has grown to serve a great deal of advertisers in different niches.The dominant categories on Linkshare is Computers & Electronics, Clothing and Games.

The downside for Linkshare is its commission which is too meager. You could get just 1% of sale price for some products.

Approval into Linkshare affiliate network is also not an issue; it is easy to be approved into their programs.


affiliate future

Affiliate Future is a United Kingdom based affiliate network with large advertisers’ listing in categories of Home & Garden, Health & Beauty and travel.

Most of the advertisers on Affiliate Future ship delivery of their products within United Kingdom and the whole of Europe while some ship to whole world.

Affiliate Future has flexible payment methods and approval into the network is easy.


health trader

This is my favorite affiliate network in health and beauty niche.

Health Trader houses qualitative offers from outstanding and reputable online clinics and pharmacies while the commissions offered are reasonable encouraging.

Health Trader Dashboard is user friendly with neat navigation with the ability to see which product is performing and at what paste.

Another plus for Health Trader is its tracking system which is perfect and renders real-time tracking.

Above all, their support is great as there is always an agent online you can chat with in the event of any problem or enquiries.

Approval into this network is not strict.



G4offers is an upcoming affiliate network with good commission for most of its offers, commission ranging between $24 to $360 for a successful sale. Most of the offers on G4offers revolve around health, wellness, diet, business and auction.

Approval into this network is upon a successful phone call interview.



Are you in the Tech niche? Or you write about digital products like software, PC Tools and technology? Then Avangate is the best affiliate network for your niche to monetize your website.

The minimum payout in Avangate is $100 and they offer four (4) payment methods; Wire Transfer, Check, Avangate Prepaid Master Card and PayPal.

Their tracking system is real-time with a user friendly dashboard.

With Avangate you have tones of products to promote in the technology industry.

The process leading to approval into Avangate is easy.



Shareasale is one of the leading affiliate networks today in the world. It boast of over 4000 affiliate programs in over 40 distinct categories. Shareasale is one of the affiliate networks that compete with Affiliate by Conversant.

The downside for affiliate interested in Shareasale is that it is nerve wrecking to get approved into their program. However, if you fulfill their requirements you will get approval in no time.



Bluesnap is my favorite far above Avangate as regards digital products & technology.

Bluesnap marketplace is basically a trade-fair for software, Pc Tools, games, Mobile Tools etc.

It offers various method of payment to its affiliate including Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Check and Blusnap Prepaid Master Card.



Peerfly has risen to be one the most reckoned affiliate network today and has been rated as the #1 Affiliate Manager in 2015 by Mthink.

It has over 2000 live offers and provide for custom tracking.

Getting Peerfly approval is tedious and strict but if you dance to their tune and play by their rules you will be approved.



Market Health is a good affiliate network alternative to Healthtrader. Market health provides you with good offers in the health and beauty industry.

Market health pays its affiliates via Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal and Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

Approval into this network is hassle free.



Amazon associates is also one of the leading affiliate network on the web now. It is basically an affiliate program for www.amazon.com. So with this program you can generate a deep link for any page on amazon.com and the system will automatically add your affiliate id to the link. You can also get html or JavaScript code which can be placed on your widget or any part of your website to display Amazon’s products.

Approval into this network is automatic upon sign up; however, you must refer a sale within 180 days from the date of sign up to remain active on the program.




OfferVault is a conglomerate of various Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate networks with over 40,000 offers cutting across all categories. OfferVault has a unique search feature that makes it easy for affiliate to navigate and surf through the various networks.


The above affiliate networks represent some of the best affiliate networks bloggers and website owners could tap into to monetize their website.

NOTE: The above lists are randomly placed and are not in the order of priority.

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